60's Music Tabber Dies



If you play guitar, then you know what guitar tabs are.

After several interactions with this tabbing guy, I grew to hate him. Even so, he did tab songs well. He mostly tabbed out 1960's songs. Those are the songs I grew up with. It was great to get them tabbed to the recordings so all you had to do is play along with the recordings. I tab my songs this way, as well, because you learn so much playing with professional musicians on the recordings. But he was a true ahole and I loathed him because I never gave him any reason to treat me so. He pissed off other folks as well. This guy grew rather famous online among guitar pickers because his tab work outshined the awful person he was. I am not the only one that noticed this. No one should die with cancer but unfortunately that was his lot. His web site remained for a while. I started noticing how people would start changing his tabs leaving his name on the songs and post them to other online tab archives. So I took it upon myself to save his original work. I downloaded all from his website and have posted them here. Try a couple of them, you will see just how good these tabs are when you compare them to the original recordings. Keep on pickin' Alice