Outside CD+g Discs and Other Devices are Welcomed

I welcome outside CD+g discs with these parameters. I will gladly play your CD+g discs but I am not responsible for your disc not playing. Discs are rarely damaged at shows but some disc owners do not properly care for their discs and the discs do become fragile, break, get dirty or wear out and won't play. Heat and direct sunlight kills cd discs, so left in your car is NOT a good idea if you want the disc to play for a long time. Your discs should be in jewel cases and not sleeves to avoid scratching and the constant rubbing the sleeve does. You should be making copies of your original discs and use the copies at shows so if anything should go wrong with your disc you can easily make a new one from your "Keep At Home" original copy. IMPORTANT !!!! When you hand me your disc or device you are saying you read this and agree with the parameters. ************************************************************************************** Ipods, Ipads, Cell Phones, Mp4, Mp3, Flash Drives I welcome all of this devices. Again, I am not responsible for these devices not playing your songs. Ipods, Ipads, Cell Phones. I have several ipods and I love them. Great way to tote around a lot of karaoke songs. I can play your ipods but before you hand it to me, you have your song all ready to go so all I have do is plug you in and press the start button. You are on your own for lyrics and timing. I use an iPad for my lyrics and I already practice the timing. I play my cell phone through my system with no problems. I have never played my iPad through my system but I am not seeing any problem with doing it. MP4. Not all youtube karaoke files will play on my system due to being compressed. Then there's the question if they are legal to play at shows. I know I can't offer them, but since you are the only one to use them, perhaps that is considered personal use ??? Mp3. These are sound files only, no graphics. You will need to have a smart phone or ipad for your lyrics and you need to already know the timing of these songs. Practicing at home really helps a lot. I buy my mp3 files online from Karaoke-Version.com. Flash Drives. I have never done this but I don't see a problem with doing it.