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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  December 6, 2019
Album: Hot Grubb Big Time
Written by: Steve Harr
Song Cover: Not a cover song
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          WAY PAST BLUE - Hot Grubb

           C                    G
     I'm lonely and purple I'm way past blue
     G                                                       C
     I cry all day can't sleep at night It's all because of you
        C                        G
     I pace in a circle Like a tiger in a zoo
      G                              G7               C
     My heart strings are broken My soul's got the blues

                          G                          F    C
     Just need a little loving a little kissing and hug-ging
                      G                         F    C
     I need a sweet honey One to get a little naugh-ty
                    Gm             Am
     I need a big smile babe from you
                            G                   C
     Cause I'm lonely and purple I'm way past blue

                      G                    C
     I'm like an old sock that ain't got shoes
      C                    G                     C 
     Like a lonely number one out looking for a two
                      Gm                       Am
     I'm like an old dog-og-og howling at the moon
                      G               C
     I'm lonely and purple Way past blue
                      Gm                     C
     I'm lonely and pur-ur-ur-ple Baby over you