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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  September 9, 1997  Realigned: February 8, 2003
Written by:

    ONE PROMISE TOO LATE       Reba McEntire

Intro notes (not chords):
G  hammered A C D E        E D C  B D     E D C A C A
G  hammered A C D E   E D C  B D  E D C B C 
Intro chords  C G F      F C G C 
C                    F      C       Em                  Am
I would've waited forever   If I'd known that you'd be here
F                                 G7
We could have shared our lives together
F                         Dm                G7
And held each other close all through the years.
C                   F         C      Em                  Am
But I met someone before you  And my heart just couldn't wait
F                        G7
So no matter how much I adore you
F                              Dm            G7
I've got to stand behind the promise that I made.

G7          Am   F                 C
Where were you when I could have loved you?
Am          F                        G7
Where were you when I gave my heart away?
        F                      C
All my life I've been dreaming of you
(bassdown) G7                   Am
You came along one promise too late
(bassdown) G7                   C
You came along one promise too late.

lead, go to tag.

Em                    F
I won't say that I'm sorry that I met you
Em                       F         G7
I can't have you but I never will forget you

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