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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: November 29, 1997
Subject: Two Pina Coladas by Garth Brooks
Album: Sevens
Written by:Shawn Camp, Benita Hill, and Sandy Mason.
Note: Thanks to Gary Fishell for the writer's information. 

        TWO PINA COLADAS    Garth Brooks

I was feeling the blues  I was watching the news
F                         C
When this fella comes on T.V.
He said I'm telling you  That science has proved
C                                  F
That heartaches are healed by the sea
That got me going without even knowing
     F         Bb
I packed right up and drove down
Bb                        F
Now I'm on a roll and I swear in my soul
C                                F
Tonight I'm going to paint this town

1.2.)So bring me   3.) bring bring bring me
Two pina colada 1.) I want 2.) Gotta have 3.)Yeah, I want
F             C
one for each hand
let's set sail with Captain Morgan
C                        F
Oh and never leave dry land
      Bb                             F                      Bb
Hey troubles I've forgot them I've buried them(her) in the sand
Bb                      F
So bring me two pina coladas
                   C                         F
1.) 2.) She said goodbye to her good timing man (goodbye)
3.)     and say  hello   to her good timing man.

Oh now I've got to say that the wind and the waves
F                             C
and the moon winking down at me
Eases my mind by leaving behind
C                               F
the heartaches that love often brings
Now I've got a smile that goes on for miles
F               Bb
With no incli-nation to roam
Bb                       F
And I've got to say that I think I ought to stay
F                         C                  F
cause it's just feeling more and more like home