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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  January 7, 1998
Written by:
Note:  Thanks to Dee Mussleman for letting me know Doug
Stone recorded this song. 

SANTA'S FLYING A 747 TONIGHT      Doug Stone

Intro   G  Em  C D G

G                                    Em
I saw Saint Nick down at the mall to-day
G                                             D
Silently asked him to work a little cheer my way
       C                 A7          G7               Em
When I got home I had a message that put my heart at ease
     C                            D                  D7
She said meet me at the airport Honey it's Christmas Eve

  G                      Em
Santa's flying a 747 to-night
    C                               D                 D7
a-bringing my baby back to me on a nine twenty five flight
G                                     Em
I've been good so he's gonna treat me right
C                D        G
Santa's flying a 747 to-night

G                                Em
I'm so excited that I can hardly wait
G                                          D
For two hours now I've been pacing at the gate
    C                A7           G7           Em
A Christmas present just for me right out the blue
 C                         D         D7
Santa Claus I'll always believed in you
                  C              D       G
chorus, chorus, Santa's flying a 747 tonight.

basic idea to the ending run.