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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  January 20, 1998
Album: Greatest Hits
Written by: Blair Daly\Tony Mullins
Note: Taped it off the radio  Eb is the D form on the 3rd fret
Thanks to jllewell@ncats.net for the album and writer's name.

ANGEL IN MY EYES     John Michael Montgomery



C                                    Eb              C
I watch her lying in bed asleep And thank my lucky stars
C                                      Eb
For every second she'd here with me I wanna hold her in my arms.
          Bb             Cm               Bb
She is my day she is my night She is the breathe that
               Bb Ab Gm F
gives me life

CHORUS               C                      Am
1.) But 2.) Well  sometimes we laugh and sometimes we cry
F                           G
Sometimes we fight and we don't know why
    C                    Am
But no matter what she believes in me
She's the closest thing to heaven I'll ever see
        Am           Fm          C
She'll always be an angel in my eyes

1.) go to 2nd verse 2.) goto lead, chorus, ending.

        Am                Am
She'll always be She'll always be
        Am           Fm          C
She'll always be An angel in my eyes

C                                           Eb           C
Sometime I feel her by my side Like she's watching over me
C                                          Eb               C
I get a chill running down my spine That's all the proof I need
                 Bb                 Cm
But she fills my heart she fills my soul
          Bb                        Bb Ab Gm F
She's the half that makes me whole