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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  September 9, 1997  re-aligned February 7, 2003
Subject: Bing Bang Boom  by Highway 101 with Nickie
Album:  Bing Bang Boom
Written by: Hugh Prestwood

      BING BANG BOOM    Highway 101 with Nickie

A                     E      A     E                            D        A
Gather 'round me and lend an ear 'cause I've got something you ought to hear
                          E                D       E      A
I'm telling you that you ought to fear a certain kind of love.
A                       E      A      E                       D        A
Now it can strike both day and night and just as quick as a rattler's bite 
                      E                            D           E    A
You've got a case of love at first sight and it's what you're dying of.

It's just bing bang boom one two three feeling as normal as you can be
                                       (I fell the second he looked at me)
It was bing bang boom lickety split it doesn't come on bit by bit 
          E      D        E                        A
It was instantly in full swing and it's bing bang boom

A                          E    A   E                        D     A 
Now I was foot loose and fancy free I had respect and I had digni-ty 
                           E              D           E       A
And then this thing got a hold of me and still would not let go
               E           A        E                    D           A
I walk in and heart beat jumped my hair stood up and my skin goose bumped
                           D                   E       D         A
My mind went blank and my I.Q. slumped and my jaw just hit the floor
go to chorus with (  )

Now my obligations slide and I do not even care 
B7                             E
I spend all my waking hours walking on thin air so friends you best beware.

 A                  E    A    E                       D      A
That's exactly how you behave if you get hit by this tidal wave 
                      E                D      E    A
You won't even have time to save you sinking sani-ty.
It's just bing bang boom        
            bing bang boom
            bing bing boom
             E    D         E                       A
It gets instantly in full swing and it's bing bang boom.