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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  September 9, 1997 Revised November 21, 1998
Written by:
Note: Thanks to "Jane Brockelbank" brockels@xtra.co.nz for correcting 
the artist's name who recorded this song. I thought it was Gene Pitney.
I am looking for a recording of the song so I can add chords to these 

   DOWN IN THE BOON DOCKS        Billy Joe Royal

Down in the Boondocks  (down in the boondocks)

Down in the Boondocks  (down in the boondocks)

People put me down 'cause that's the side of town I was born in.

I love him and he loves me but I don't fit into his society.

Lord have mersey on the girl born in the boon docks.

Every night I watch the light from the house upon the hill

I  love a little girl who lives up there and I guess I always willl

But I don't dare knock upon his door cause his daddy is my boss man 

So I'll just have to be content just to see him whenever I can.


One fine day I'll find a way to move from this old shack

I'll hold my head up like a king and I'll never look back.

But until that day I 'll work and slave and I'll save my every dime

But until that day I will have to wait and see him whenever I can.