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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  March 19, 1998

         BORN TO RUN                     EmmyLou Harris
     INTRO      A   D   G D A 
     A                                  D    G   D   A
     Well I've never crawled and I'll never tow the line 
     A                   D     G           A
     No man is master to me I ain't that kind
             D          G        Bm           D            G
     I just put on my traveling shoes If you wanna win you just can't 
      Bm        E            A
     lose the time or stay behind 

                 D       A           D           A     D          A
     Well I was born to run to get ahead of the race alone and a woman 
       E             A
     just to be the best 
               D    A         D       A          D         A
     Just to feel free and to be someone I was born to be fast I was 
      E       A
     born to run 
       A                             D        G        A
     Well I take the chance that sometimes I make mistakes 
                                  D        G         A
     But you don't get nothing unless you take the breaks 
       D                       G   Bm    D
     Living is dangerous it's dynamite Sure it makes you nervous but 
       G         Bm     E                     A
     makes you feel alright  makes you feel alright 
                             Chorus to lead
       A                     D        G          A
     Nobody's gonna make me do the things their way 
                                D         G       A
     By the time you figure it out it's tears to pay
             D         G        D                G        Bm      E
     Well I need you yes I know I don't need it when I"m old and gray
     Yeah I'm older today.