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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  March 19, 1998
Note:  I do not know if this is in the key for Andy Williams.
I had it listed as miscellaneous for years.  I will try and get 
back to this tune and check what key Andy sings it in.

BORN FREE         Andy Williams

C           F                    C            F                    G
Born Free        as free as the wind blows        As free as the grass grows 
      F        G7          C       F     G7
Born Free to follow your heart
C         F                  C         F                     G
Live free    and beauty surrounds you     The world still astounds you
      F                  G
each time you look at a star
Dm          G7                     Am                          Cm 
Stay  free      where no walls di-vide you  You're free as a roaring tide
     Fm                 G  F  G7
so there's no need to hide
C         F                       C    F                     G  
Born Free     and life is worth living      but only worth living 
        F           C
cause you're born free