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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  February 18, 1998
Album: Jo Dee Messina
Written by: Phil Vassar\Rory Michael Bourke
Note: Thanks to Lluis Sala for the album and writer's info.
Thanks to Darragh Egan for help with the lyrics.

BYE, BYE        Jo Dee Messina

Intro  Bb Eb Bb Eb

F                  Bb
Boy you sure look good there
Bb                              F
Standing in the doorway in the sunset light
F                 Bb                              F
Maybe I read you wrong thinking you could be my Mister Right
Eb                Bb                    Eb
I was putting my heart and soul on the line
Eb                    Bb
Said you needed some time
                    Eb                   Bb
Just a little more time to make up your mind
Bb               C               F
Well it's been long enough and time is up

    Bb         Eb
Bye bye love, I'll catch you later
       Bb                      Eb
Got a lead foot down on my accelerator
        Bb                   Eb
And my rear view mirror torn off
Eb                            F                           Eb
'cause I ain't never looking back 1.2.)and that's a fact
      Bb       Eb                 3.)You can count on that
I've tried all I can imagine
      Bb                    Eb
I've begged and pleaded in true lover's fashion
          Bb         Eb             Bb
I've got pride I'm taking it for a ride
Bb      Eb          F          Bb
Bye bye bye bye my baby 1.2.3.)bye bye
                            4.)bye bye bye

F                      Bb
Don't think all those tears are gonna hold me here
like they've done before
F                          Bb                        F
You'll find what's left of us in a cloud of dust on highway four
Eb            Bb                             Eb                F
Baby what did you expect me to do just sit around and wait on you?
          Eb              F         Eb               F
Well I'm though watching you just skate around the truth
                C                    F
and I know it sounds trite But I've seen the light    go to chorus

               Eb      Bb     Eb      Bb               C
I've lost the game I guess  I did my best to win the part
Now I'm leaving here with what's left of my heart  go to Chorus

Vamping on Bb Eb F

Bye bye (bye bye) Oh baby (bye)  Oh babe, bye bye bye my baby
bye bye