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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  July 29, 1997
Subject: Can I see you tonight  by Tanya Tucker
Album: Dreamlovers
Writers: Deborah Allen & Rafe VanHoy

          CAN I SEE TONIGHT       Tanya Tucker

Intro  listen to record for timing



E                      A      B7                     E
I don't know where to start  Now that we're fallen apart.
                              A             B7
How can we talk to heart to heart you're so far away what can I say.
 E                    A         B7                   E
I've tried to under-stand but things got so out of hand 
                       A  B7
Held out as long as I can Now I'm on the telephone  saying.

E   B7  F#m                                 B7              E
Can I   see you tonight Just think of the time that we've wasted
E   B7   F#m                             B7         E
Eve-ry-thing will be right  It could be love if we make it.

E                       A    B7                         E
Now that we're on the line  I'll tell you what's on my mind
                          A                   B7
The love we're trying to hide.  Well, it's suffering from to much pride.
 E                    A           B7                 E
When will we see the end to this game where nobody wins
                             A            B7
For as long as nobody gives in It will go on and on and on.

A                    E    A           E      A
Instead of breaking up   Instead of breaking up

                    CHORUS  CHORUS