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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  March 19, 1998
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    CHAIN OF FOOLS                Aretha Franklin

Bass intro    notes  G# C C# E  (C  C#   bounce on these)

              C#7   (This whole song is in one chord with busy bass)
             Chain chain chain
                                            (chain chain chain)               
             Chain chain chain
                                            (chain chain chain)
            Chain chain chain
                                            (chain chain chain)          Chain of fools

1.   For five long years  I thought you were my man 
       But I found out   I'm just a link in your chain

      oooh  You've got me where you want me  I ain't nothing but your fool

      You treated me mean   Ooooh you treated me cruel

1/2 chorus:    Chain chain chain
                                                (chain chain chain)   chain of fools

2.   Every chain has got a weak link   I might be weak child

      But I feel the strain   Oh yeah

(ooh  ooh     ooh   ooh   ooh  ooh ect)                                                   
You told me to leave you alone   My father said come on home
My doctor said take it easy  Aw but your loving is much to strong
I'm added to your chain

Go to Chorus

3.  One of these mornings  the chain is going to break

     But up until then yeah  I gonna take all that I can take   oooh yeah

go to chorus
repeat chorus