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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  August 4, 1997
Subject: Count Me In  by Deana Carter
Album: Did I Shave...?
Written by: Deana Carter/Chuck Jones

       COUNT ME IN     Deana Carter


     F          Bb                                      F
1.) Could there be a different ending to the same old story
              Bb                                         F
'Cause you're not the first to say you'e gonna be there for me
I need to know what's in your heart
Can you finish what you start?
Gm                                   C
How can I be sure I won't be sor-ry-ry?

      F                       Dm        Bb
If heartaches and tears and shadows of doubt
     F                        Gm           C
Are part of the deal you can count me out
                F                Dm         Bb
But if you're talking a bout  a game I can win
Gm        C      F
You can count me in

repeat intro

     F        Bb                                  F   
2.) When you tell me you're the one I've always needed
           Bb                             F
You don't know how much I'm wanting to believe it
But I've heard it all before
Now I'm needing something more
    Gm                             C
A promise is no good if you can't keep it

go to chorus, lead, chorus, to ending

         Dm   C   F
You can count me in