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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  September 9, 1997  Realigned: February 7, 2003
Subject:  Dandy   by Herman's Hermits
Written by:
Note:  I taped it off the radio.

      DANDY       Herman's Hermits

Dandy dandy where are you going now  who you going to run to
C          Em    Am                C      Em       Am         
All your litttle life you're been chasing all the girls
      C     Em          Am      C
they can't resist your smile  u uh  You low down
Dandy Dandy chattin' up the ladies  tickling their fancy
C      Em   Am
Papa's gone away 
      C        Em    Am         C        Em      Am      C
And while that cat's away  the mice are gonna to play  u uh  You low down
G                         Am                  Dm              G
Dandy Dandy  Dandy  and Dandy you know you're moving much to fast 
     Am                 Dm                 G
And Dandy you know you can't escape your past 
       Dm                     F                      C                  Am
Look around you and see the people settled down and when you're old and gray
           C               Am
You'll remember what they said
      C                                Am
that two girls are to many  three's a crowd  and four you're dead  Oh
Dandy Dandy climbing through the window going through the backdoor
C       Em        Am       C        Em    Am             C      Em      Am    
turning on  your charm to meet your own demands and you turn it off at will 
 u uh  You low down 
G                              C      G                   
Dandy Dandy you're alright   You're alright