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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  June 29, 1997
Subject: Daytime friends    by  Kenny Rodgers
Album: Daytime Friends
Written by: Ben Peters

              DAYTIME FRIENDS             Kenny Rodgers


Intro chords G  C  G  C  add lick to the following chords G  C  G  C  

 C         G       C           G          C
And he'll tell her    he's working late again    
G                                 C             G    C
But she knows too well there's something goin' on
              G        C           G         C
She's been neglected      and she needs a friend 
        G             C            G      C          G     C    G          C
So a tremblin finger dials the telephone    Lord it hurts her  doing this again
          G                      C          G    C                G C
He's the best friend that her husband ever knew       When she's lonely 
      G                 C               G                C            G  C
He's more then just a friend  He's the one she longs to give her body to

          G          Em         C            Em             C                  G
Daytime friends and night time lovers hoping no one else discovers where they go
          Em           Am           D    D7
what they do in their secret hide away
           G         Em          C               Em                  C
Daytime friends and night time lovers they don't want to  hurt the others
         G           Em              D                 D7       G
So they love in the night time and shake hands in the light of day  (LICK 2)

G              C             G        C
When it's over   there's no peace of mind
          G             C                      G     C
Just a longing for the way things should have been
           G         C            G         C
And she's wondering     why some men never find
     G                C            G       C
That a woman needs a lover and a friend

go to chorus
go to chorus  to fade

lICK 2