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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  September 9, 1997   Realigned: Febraruy 7. 2003
Album: From the Original Master Tapes
Written by: Anka


  C                                          G7
There you go and baby here am I   Well, you left me here so I could sit and cry 
      C                                           G7                           C  
Well,     golly gee what have you done to me?  I guess it doesn't mattter any more
C                                              G7
Do you remember baby last September , How you held me tight each and ev'ry night
      C                                             G7                         C
Well,    whoops a daisy  how you drove me crazy  I guess it doesn't matter anymore.

  Am                     C           G7   C                       G7  C
There's no use in  me a     cryin'  I've done ev'rything and now I'm     sick of  tryin' 
       D7                                             G7
I've thrown away my days,  wasted all my nights over you

C                                      G7                     G7 
Now you go your way and I'll go mine  Now and forever til the     end of time
             C                    C                           G7                 C  
 I'll find somebody new and baby    you say we're through and you won't matter anymore

1.   G7            2.   C