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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  March 20, 1998
Album: Dream Walkin'
Written by: Toby Keith\Chuck Cannon
Note: Thanks to Lluis Sala for the album and writer's info.

       DREAM WALKING   Toby Keith

F                              C
She left a yellow rose and a long neck bottle
        Dm              Bb
on the table beside my bed
        F                     C
With a short little note said I had a good time
            Dm                  Bb
And it was written in lip stick red
F F Bb                        C
         She didn't sign her name I wonder
Bb                  C               Bb
If that'a a little secret that she keeps
             C               Dm
mmmm She's walking around in my sleep

C   F             Bb             F                C
   Dream walking pillow talking she's calling my name again
F               Bb             Dm              C
Day's breaking, I ain't waking up I'm sleeping in
          Dm               C                   F
I'm on a roll now I gotta know how this dream ends.

         F                         C
She took my new sunglasses and my old jeans jacket
         Dm                    Bb
And she never even bothered to ask
         F                             C
You can say I haven't seen her since late last summer
           Dm              Bb
but every night she comes back
F F Bb              C
        Just like smoke through the keyhole
Bb        C            Bb
She slips in so silent-ly
             C               Dm
Mmmm She's walking around in my sleep

go to chorus.

Am               Dm                 F               C
Ooooo There's a thin line between dreams and memor-ies
      Am    Bb             F                 C
I be losing my mind until she comes back to me

Bb Bb C C  a couple of times go to chorus repeating the last line for ending.