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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: 6/16/97; 10:14:43 AM
Subject: Have_Mercy
Album: Rockin' With The Rhythm
Written by: Paul Kennerley

    HAVE MERCY        The Judds


      D                                     G
1.)  I was standing in line at the         city bus stop 
2.)  You say you won't home             because you're working late
3.)  Well I called you up on the          telephone
4.)   Well I went to the bank with my little check book

             D                                A
           Soaked to skin from              every rain drop
Honey I'm no fool you've been         out on a date.
   I       could hear you were play      Hackerty and Jones
            The cashier he gave me the    strangest look
      D                                                      G
I    see you driving by like a                             phantom jet,
Lipstick on your collar gives your                    game away 
I    knew right then there was                           something wrong
He said you ain't got no money 'cause you're    overdrawn
          D                                A         D
with your arm around some               little      brunette
Strawberry red and mine's                  pink      Rose.
There's only one reason you play       cheating songs.
Your man took it all and he's              darn       gone.

 D           G        D                         A
Have Mercy   on me.  You treat so bad I'm in misery.
           D                G              D              A       D
You're breaking my heart, can't you see  baby baby Have Mercy on me

(short lead)

Ow   lead
Chorus till fade.