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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  February 18, 1998  Revised February 4, 2000
Album: Jo Dee Messina
Written by: Tim Nicholds\Mark D. Sanders
Note:  Didn't get the whole song so I guessed at the words
in the first line of the first verse. Capo the first fret
and play these chords to play along with the recording. Thanks
to Lluis Sala for the album and writer's information.
Thanks to TerBear115@aol.com for lyric corrections


  D                   A           G  A
Baby, what do you say we just get lost
            D                         A              G  A
Leave this one horse town like two rebels without a cause
           D                           A                G  A
I've got people in Boston Ain't your daddy still in Des Moine
         D                 A                 G  A
We can pack up tomorrow tonight let's flip a coin

D                   A
Heads, Carolina.  Tails, California
G                   A
Somewhere greener, somewhere warmer
D                     A
Up in the mountains, down by the ocean
G                      A                     D
Where it don't matter Long as we're going somewhere together
A                     G                 A              D
I've got a quarter.  Heads, Carolina.  Tails, Californ-ia

       D                           A                G   A
We can go with what we own in the back of a U-haul van.
             D                A                       G A
Couple of modern day Moses searching for the promise land
        D                A                      G A
We can go four hundred miles before we stop for gas
         D                   A                     G A
We can drive for a day and then we can look at the map  Oh

go to chorus, lead,
We're going to get out of here
       A                      G A
If we gotta ride a Grey Hound bus.
              D                 A                      G A
Boy, we're bound to outrun the bad love that's tailing  us   oh

chorus,to ending

ENDING:Vamp on D  A G A
Ooohh, California.  Ooooo yea.  Carolina, Californa, Carolina