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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: November 24, 1997
Subject: Honky Tonk Truth  by Brooks & Dunn
Album: The Greatest Hits Collection
Written by: Ronnie Dunn\Kim Williams\Lonnie Wilson
Note:  This song has a few sliding chords but it's hard to show that on paper.  So when you chords like G# G that is a sliding chord sequence.  To be played fast. OPEN is to strum the
strings with no strings held down.  Listen to the record.

    HONKY TONK TRUTH    Brooks & Dunn

B                                                    F#
I'm the life of the party, baby, since you said good-bye
F#                                           B
Just ask old Joe, He knows, I'm here every night
B                                                      F#
And that good old boy in the mirror looking around for you
It ain't me
F#                          B
And that's the honky tonk truth.

B                 Bb   G#
That's the honky tonk truth cross my broken heart
G          F#                                            B
I put my right hand here on this beer And swear on this bar
Bb OPEN   G#
I ain't thinking, I ain't drinking, I ain't crying
                     C#   C B  n.c.              F#
I ain't moaning the blues      I wouldn't lie to you
Now that's the honky tonk truth


B                                                  F#
Don't think I'll come crawling back cause I don't miss you
If you walked up and puckered up, girl
I wouldn't bother to kiss you
And that washed up, broken down fool
Hanging out on that stool Well it ain't me
Now that's the honky tonk truth.

chorus, chorus, instrumental vamp to end.