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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: 6/15/97; 11:09:12 AM
Written by:

    I TELL IT LIKE IT USE TO BE        T. Graham Brown

         D                                      A 
1.  They say that I'm the kind of person who always speaks my mind.
2.      I    wish that I was stronger I could tell them that you've gone.

      A7                                       D
      To me there's nothing stronger then the truth.
But that's one thing that I may never             do.

D                                         A
You can ask me almost anything and I'll tell you like it is.
If they want to hear about our love and   how it all went wrong.

           A7                                D
But   darlin' when they ask me about        you.
Then darlin' they will just have to talk to you.


(D)                G                                 D 
I tell it like it use to be  When you were still in love with me
                   A              Bm           A
Before you got to use to me and wanted someone new
                    G                                  D
I tell it like it ought to be   'cause how it is is killing me 
                     A             G               A     D
When they ask about you and me  I tell it like it use to be.