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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: June 29, 1997
Subject: I'll get over you     by Crystal Gayle
Album: Musical Jewels and Classic Crystal
Written by:  Charles William McWhorter but Richard Leigh is credited with it.  
Nice little info on this song.  As sometimes happens original songwriters get their
work ripped off if they don't promptly copyright their work.  There is pretty good evidence
that this is the case with this song.  Perhaps the recording company and/or Richard Leigh 
were pressed for time and since there was no copyright on this song, his name got credited
with it.  This happened to Love Me Tender, Elvis didn't write the music but he is credited
as having done so.  I was contacted by Charles' son, Chuck.

         I'LL GET OVER YOU         Crystal Gayle


       C                         Dm
1.)  Well, one thing about this heart of mine  
2.)   From now on I think         I'll    lay low
3.)   lead
     G7                  C
1.) All my hurt's gonna mend in time
2.)  I'll talk fast but I'll move slow.
3.)  lead
      C                     Dm            G                G7
1.) It won't leave no     scars behind   I'll get over     you
2.) You taught me all I need to know    about getting over you
3.) lead
      C                  Dm              G7                          C
1.) I'll try to meet a  guy one day     who's not scare to give his heart away
2.) Sometimes I think I love you still  wonder if I               always will
3.) Sometimes I think I love you still  wonder if I               always will
                          Dm                 G           G7  C
1.) When I do it's       safe to say that I'll get      over you.
2.)  But I know it's     just until         I    get    over you.
3.)  Love for you is so  hard to kill but I'll get      over you.

C        Dm          G7                  C
I'll get over you  I'll get through and when I do
Am     Dm            G7              C
I'll be good as new when I get over you.

Chorus a couple of times, fading.