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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  February 21, 1998
Album: Greatest Hits
Written by: Derek George\John Tirro\Bryan White
Note: Thanks to Lluis Sala for the album and writer's info.

           IMAGINE THAT   Diamond Rio

Intro chords  Bm A D Bm A C

C                   F                          Am     
What is the world coming to when lovers can't believe
C                     F                              Am
They've got a love coming true and then they up and leave
           Dm             F            G            Am
Said they will and they won't Say they do but they don't
                D                             G
That ain't the way it's gotta be with you and me

         D                       G
Imagine that  Love can last for-ever
Bm     A     D                         G                  
    Imagine that For all the world to see
Bm    A      D       
    Imagine that  two people stay together     
                           (stay together)
    F#m             E   G     A           D     
The way it ought to be  Oh oh oh Imagine that

Bm A D Bm A C

C                   F                               Am
I don't intend to change the world I couldn't if I tried
C                   F                          A     
Long as I got you with me gfirl I'll be satis-fied
                 Dm                F
Let's do what we can with what we say
             G            Am 
We'll just take it day by day
                    D                               G
"Cause I wanna to prove to everyone That it can be done

chorus, lead,

Hey-ey   (He-ey He-ey)
D                        Em               A
Do you believe in love enough to go the distance?
D                       Bm                     A
Do you believe in love enough to make a stand-and?
D                        Bm                     G     
Do you believe in love enough to handle the resistance?
"Cause I believe we can

CHORUS, ending

MMMM oooo Imagine that  Imagine that  ooo oooo imagine that
Whoa  Imagine that