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Transcribed by:  Alice Franceschini
Date: Re-archived January 3, 2003
Written by:

IS THAT A TEAR?     Tracy Lawerence

C                                 F              C 
The last thing I expected was to get her call tonight
           F                  C                     Am        G   
Cause the last thing that I heard from her was she found Mr. Right
     F                      G           Am             F  
But when I came home this evening there it was on my machine
                  G                C
I just wondering what the hell it means

             F              Dm           Am                C
Said she's sorry that she missed me and she's been doing fine
          F               Dm                   Am
But I've run it back and heard her say those words a hundred times
F                    G            Am              D
Something makes me wonder is she happy with her choice
       F               G             C
Or is that a tear, I hear, in her voice.

C                                     F                   C
First time that I listened I thought boy she's got some nerve
           F            C               Am                  G 
But the second time I heard it I heard more then just her words
   F                 G                  Am           F      
Am I just wishful thinking or did her voice really crack
                   G                 C
I'll never know if I don't call her back

        F                    G                           C
Or is that a tear  Lord is that a tear, I hear, in her voice.