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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  July 17, 1997
Subject: Killing Time   by Clint Black
Album:  Killing Time
Written by: probably  Clint Black & Hayden Nicholas

        KILLING TIME    Clint Black

You were the first thing that I thought of 
when I thought  I drank you off of my mind
                         G                           D
When I get lost in the liquor you're the only one I find
      G                                              C
If I did the things I oughta This fate would not be mine
                                G              D                G
So I keep a tight grip on the bottle getting loose and killing time

              C              G
This Killing time is killing me
                 D                      G
Drinking myself blind thinking I won't see
                     C             G
Now if I cross that line they bury me
                    F                    C              G
Then I just might find I'll be killing time for eterni-ty

 G                                                           C
Now I don't know nothing about tomorrow I've been lost in yesterday
                                       G                            D
Well, I've spent all of my life just dying for a love that's past away
          G                                                   C
There's many that know my sorrow this is the only price I'll pay
                     G               D                  G
I'll be a happy man when I go and I can't wait another day
chorus, to ending
                   F                     C             G
Then I just might find I'll be killing time for eterni-ty