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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  November 24,1997
Subject: Land Of The Living  by Pam Tillis
Album: Greatest Hits
Written by: Wayland Patton\Tia Sillers
Note:  Thanks to Lluis Sala for album and writer's information.

       LAND OF THE LIVING    Pam Tillis

Dm                 F         Dm                       F
You gave him some good years     now you'd like them back
Dm                Bb     C         Dm      C
Mistakes become clearer after the fact
C             Bb           F    Dm                      F
Now when you pick up the pieces    You can't make them fit
Dm                Bb             C            Dm   Bb  F C
Don't waste your time trying to make sense of it.

guitar lick

      Bb    F            C          Dm
Just hurry back to the land of the living
Bb            F             C
Things have changed since you've been gone
     Bb         F             C           Dm
The world is turning in the land of the living
Bb            F          C         F Bb F C
Take a deep breathe and life goes on
              Bb F C
Life goes on

Dm                    F        Dm                  F
Come down from that dark cloud    What's done is done
Dm                Bb        C             Dm    C
Don't go around believing you're the only one
Bb                F      Dm             F
that ever felt heartache    turn to regret
Dm                     Bb           C       Dm   Bb F C guitar lick
Aww, we've all got something we'd like to forget         see above

That's right

go to chorus

C                        Bb            F
Lean on my shoulder and whisper your tears
Dm                      Bb        C
We all need someone to echo our fears  Ohhhh

go to chorus

Ending:   Vamp on Bb F C C

In the land of living  the world is turning

Life goes on

In the land of living the world is turning

Life goes on