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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  January 2, 1998
Written by:

       LOOKING FOR LOVE                    Johnny Lee

Intro Notes  E E E D B    F# F# F# E D   G G G F# G  D C# B A G F#  (DO AGAIN)
                G                                                      D
1.)           Oh I've spent a life time looking for you          (tickle)
2.)  I was alone then no love in                       sight        (tickle)
   G                      D                                          A
Single bars and good time lovers           were never true
I did     every - thing I  could to get me         through the night
G                                                                    D
Playing a fool's game, hoping to                     win
Don't know where it started or where it might end  (up bass)
   G                        D                    A                A7
And telling those sweet lies and losing again         (down bass)  go to chorus
I'd turn to  a         stranger          just like a friend   (down bass)   go to chorus,then tag

I was looking for love in all the wrong places.
Looking for love in    to many        faces.
                                    (no more)
Searching their eyes looking for traces
Em  F#m             G          A
Of   what   I'm dreaming of
Hoping to find a friend and a lover
F#m          Bm                     G                  A              D
I bless the day I discover another heart looking for love
                                          (you oh you)

You came knocking at my heart's door
Em        F#m                         G         A
You're everything I've been looking for

go to chorus
go to chorus, end.