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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  July 8, 1997
Subject: Love me like you use to    by  Tanya Tucker
Album: Love me like you use to
Written by:P. Davis/B.Emmons

    LOVE ME LIKE YOU USED TO      Tanya Tucker

             Eb                    F              Bb
1.) In a    cozy little         restaurant for lovers
2.)          Maybe we could     use a long      vacation
3.) Well, we use to sit and     talk about      forever
                        Eb                 F                Bb
1.)                    It seems so out of place for you and me
2.) But the        trouble here is      bound to tag   a-  long
3.) But now we     hardly ever          talk at             all
              Eb                    F                Bb
1.) Well, we used to play        a-round under the covers  
2.) Well, we used to be each       other's      inspira-tion
3.) Well, we walked a lot of     tight ropes      to-gether
                Eb                  Bb              F
1.) But        now it's just a    place   to watch TV
2.) When it only took my          touch to turn you on
3.) But we  always caught each    other when we'd fall

   (F)               Eb  Bb                       Eb  Bb 
So love me like you used to   when our love was brand new
             F                            Eb       Bb
And Darlin' when we're through,  you can love me again
                      Eb   Bb                      Eb   Bb  
And hold me like you want to   instead of like you have to
                  F                                Eb  Bb
Love me like you used to love me when you used to love me