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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  February 3, 1998
Album: Why Not Me
Written by: Not listed on album.

      MAMA HE'S CRAZY             The Judds


G    Em   G              Em   G        Em               C
Mama     I've found some-one like you said would come along
                 G      Em   G  Em         D
He's a sight and so un-like any man I've known
G            Em  G             Em  G7                         C
I was afraid     to let him in    cause I'm not the trusting kind
                       G           Em       D
But now I'm convinced he's heaven sent and must be out of his

                 C                  G          Em      G               Em
     Mama he's crazy, crazy over me and in my life
      G           Em        G     Em      D
     is where he says, he always wants to be.
            G     Em      G   Em        C
     I've never been so loved he beats all I'll ever see
                 G     D               G
     Mama he's crazy, he's crazy over me.

G         Em  G             Em    G     Em               C
And Mama,    you've always said better look before you leap
                   G     Em   G         Em        D
Well maybe so but here I go letting my heart lead me.
G           Em        G         Em  G7                      C
He thinks I hung the moon and stars I think he's a living dream
                      G         Em       D             G
Oh there are men but one's like him are few and far between.

                     repeat last line of chorus ad lib oooh.....