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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  April 13, 1998
Album: Labor Of Love
Written by: Roger Springer\Skip Ewing
Note: Thanks to Lluis Sala for the album and writer's info.

                    MATCHES   Sammy Kershaw
D                             Bm      
We met at the Broken Spoke restaurant and lounge
G                              Em                A 
I lit your cigarette then you wrote your number down
         D                              Bm
On the inside of a matchbook that was laying on the bar
       G                        A           D
And a fire started burning somewhere in my heart
D                                Bm
I didn't see it coming Guess I didn't read the signs
G                                     Em            A
I just never thought you'd leave me after all this time
      D                           Bm  
But today when I came home my key was hollow in the door
            G                              A             D
There was nothing but a worn out book of matches on the floor

              G                 A             D
You took the bed you took the dishes and the car
And you broke my trust and you took advantage of my heart
                      Em G                                  A
And you left me here       with empty rooms and walls with holes
scars and scrat-ches 1.)If I find the strength to burn your memory down 
                     2.)Now I found 
        Em                      D
(2. Oh) At least you left the matches

D                                  Bm
The colors are old and faded  The cover's worn and stained
            G                                 Em                A 
But I can still make out the numbers and the heart beside your name
D                                Bm
Until tonight they'd only lit a single cirgarette
     G                               A         D
Now one by one I'm striking them to help me forget
      Bm      A               G
And everybody at the Broken Spoke
            Bm              A          Em
They all thought my crazy story was a joke
            Bm           A            G
Now they're all in the parking lot staring at the smoke
go to chorus, then to ending.
          Bm             A                G
Baby all that's left of our love now is ashes
Em                       D
Thank God you left the matches