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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  August 7, 1997
Subject: Those Memories Of You  by Dolly Parton
Album: Trio
Written by: Dolly Parton

The record is in the key of B

                    THOSE MEMORIES OF YOU    Dolly Parton



G                  F         G                                D
Those memories of you still haunt me  Every night when I lay down
              C                    G                    D           G
I'll always love you (my) little darling until the day they lay me down.
                                       (until the day they lay me down.)

     G                    F      G       
1.) In dreams of you my body trembles  
    I wake up and call your name.
                     C                 G       
    But you're not there and I'm so lonesome
                       D        G
    Without your love I'll go insane.

go to chorus, then to lead, then to 2nd verse.

    G                     F               G   
2.) I close my eyes and you're there with me 
                           (F)     D
    Your kiss I feel your face I see
                   C                       G     
    It's not your lips now that drive me crazy 
                     D         G 
    It's just your haunting memory.

go to chorus, fading to end.