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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: 6/18/97; 11:26:09 AM
Written by:

    MOMMA'S NEVER SEEN THOSE EYES    The Forester Sisters

Intro  Chords    Db  Ab  A#m  Ab  Db  Eb  Ab
               Notes  C C Eb Eb F F F F F Eb C Eb F C   Eb F Eb C G# F 
                           C Eb Eb Eb EB EB EB EB F Eb C A# G# G G# G G#
1.)Momma says I shouldn't be going with you   Momma says she knows best
2.)Momma says that I shouldn't let you steal a kiss Momma says it just ain't
Db                         Ab                                            A#m
You'll take my heart and break it in two 'Cause you're just like all the rest
She don't know that I      can't resist with the moon so big and
Db                          Ab                       Db                A#m
She says that you're just a one night man And you'll end up hurting     me
She says I'll find a       love some day , but       you're just not the one
        Db                        Eb             Ab
Aw But I've seen something that  momma ain't ever seen.   go to chorus
Aw     I've done something that  momma ain't ever done.        go to chorus

Momma's never looked into those eyes, felt the way that they hynotise
She don't know how they make me feel inside.
Db                                       Ab              A#m
If Momma ever knew what they do to me I think she'd be surprized
     Ab                      Db     Db           Eb        Ab
Aw Momma's never seen those eyes  Momma's never seen those eyes.


repeat chorus