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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: 6/15/97; 11:09:08 AM
Subject: Only_Love_Can_Save_Me_Now
Written by:

                   ONLY LOVE CAN SAVE ME NOW         Crysal Gayle
      C                                    G7  
     I'm falling for you and I'm falling hard 
                  F                  C
     You and the moon done stole my heart 
      C                         G7         F               C
     Gone so far I can't turn around Only love can save me now 


           Eb  E  F             C            
     Only  love    can save me now 
           F          F#     G7                   C
     Only you feeling like I do is gonna  help me out 
                  Eb  E F      
     If it ain't love 
                    C                     F               C
     I'm heartache bound going down Only love can save me now. 

      C                                     G7     
     I'm out of control when you hold me close 
               F                C
     What'll I do if you let me go 
      C                                    G7     
     I'm over the edge and there ain't no doubt 
           F               C
     Only love can save me now 
                   INTRO VAMP TO LEAD 
                   CHORUS repeat last line of chorus 
                    Intro Musical improvise to end.