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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  January 26, 1998
Written by:

    LITTLE RED RODEO      Collin Raye
F                                          C
"Well I know it's said you've had time to think abut it
Looks like to me you're feeling kind of crowded
             F                     C
You're not looking for anything permanent here
        Bb                                        F C Bb C  F C Bb C
So my rodeo is packed and it's in goodbye gear."
      F                C
So I shot down to the Long Horn Diner
Her sister works there and she'd know where to find her
F                      C
She said, You did not hear this from me
All I'll say is Momma's got that place out in Monterey

        G         C            G                   D     G
Oh how fast can I go  Got to catch that little red ro-de-o
      C                 G         C              D
She drove off with my heart I've got to let her know
    G                              D    G
I need the girl in the little red ro-de-o
        C                          G
Texas Plates Candy apple red ro-de-o

F                             C
Two towns back I showed your photograph
The gas station man just started to laugh
            F                     C
She said I might see you in this old bucket of rust
She said good luck boy just follow that cloud of dust

Chorus, lead,
C                                 G
Maybe I was straddling the fence just like she said
Bb                                             C
It took her leaving just to get it through my head
F                            C
She's the one and only It's over and that's it
I'm committed, I'm in love, I'm desperate
         F                       C
She's a good ways gone but I'm closing the gap
If I have to I'll chase her clear across the map

chorus, Yea, chorus, Yea, chorus