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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  September 9, 1997  Realigned: February 8, 2003
Subject: Too Many Rivers  by the Forester Sisters
Album: You Again
Written by: Harlan Howard

         TOO MANY RIVERS       Forester Sisters

   Ab                       C#          E            F#      B
I wish I could come back to you dear I know that you want me to
     Ab                  C#                            E         F#
But too much water runs under that old bridge There's too many rivers
between you and me

                       Ab                 C#          E         F#    
CHORUS   There's just too many rivers to cross babe  Too many dreams have 
               B                Ab                        C#
         been lost and there's too many long nights I've turned and tossed 
                  E         F#        B
         There's too many rivers to cross.

          Ab                      C#                   E               F#
Now don't think for a moment that I blame only you We both killed the fruit
        B                   Ab                           C#        
on the vine   And when you try to put a good love back together
          E           F#         B              
There's always some pieces that you can not find.

                                 E         F#        B
                ending: There's too many rivers to cross.  Inbs. to end