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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: 6/26/97; 11:32:36 AM   Realigned: February 9, 2003
Note: I taped this song off the radio.  Don't know who wrote it or
the album it is on.  Please email me if you know.  Thanks.
Written by:

         SAD LOOKING MOON        Alabama

(G)        Em                    A       C                    G
       I thought that you could fly  I thought that you had wings
    Em            A             C           G
I guess that I believed you'd never say goodbye
Dsus4                           D   Dsus4                     D
But my world stopped turning 'round The stars turned upside down
Dsus4                   D           G
It knocked me to the ground on my knees.

              Em           D      C             G
Now there's a sad looking moon  Shining down on me
          Em          Bm   C                G
There's a sad looking sky  As far as I can see
       Dm     C6/9          C                     A
I've always believed And thought the stars could see
           G           D      C             G
There's a sad looking moon shining down on me

go to lead, then 2nd verse

   Em                 A       C          G
I share with you my dream  I gave you everything
     Em          A          C            G
I opened up my heart And I gave you my ring
Dsus4              D     Dsus4                   D
I spent days and nights  Just thinking bout the time
Dsus4               D          G
when you would be mine all my life

chorus, to instrumental ending

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| | | | | |
| | | | | |
| | | | | |

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Dsus4 is the D form and you just add your pinky to the third fret.  If you
do that it makes the chord change simple.  See following.

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