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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  April 24, 1998
Album: Sweetheart's Dance
Written by: Doug Gill

             SWEETHEART'S DANCE   Pam Tillis

    G                 C             D
Sweetheart's dance, that's what we do
G              D               C            D
The two heart two-step baby; that's me and you
               C               D
Sweetheart's dance round and round
B                 C              G          D          G
Make out in the corner Lover's quarrel, sweetheart's dance

G                                    D
Sometimes babe I hate you cause my love's so strong
      C                                D                G
And then you make me feel so right I think it must be wrong
G                               C                  G  
You move me, you move me This love don't make no sense
    G                               C                      D
We make each other crazy baby and dance the sweetheart's dance
go to chorus

G                                          D
Well now, love sets us in motion and gets down around our feet
C                                   D                G
We're living to the rhythm of our hearts together beating
G                           C                  G
I love you, I love you let me whisper in your ear
C                          G           D                 
Let me kiss you on the shoulder honey let me hold you near dance the
go to chorus

Got your hand in my back pocket
           C                G
Got your eyes all off in space
       C           G
How 'bout we just slip out of here
And find a quiet place  dance the