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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  September 9, 1997
Subject: She's Single Again by Janie Fricke
Album: The Very Fest Of
Written by: C. Craig/P. McCann

        SHE'S SINGLE AGAIN     Janie Fricke

A                                           D
I just gotta tell ya what I saw last night  I wished I was guessing
but I know I'm right She walked in this place with a smile on her face  
         A                   E
and I wondered why she was alone.
A                                       D
Every man watched as she swayed on by  The way she was looking every  
                 E                                                  D
woman could cry and then I saw her sit down with her lawyer and I knew 
           E    A
what was going on.

           E            A                   D                     E
CHORUS:  She's single again hold on to your men  She'll make us worried 
                   D Db Open D           A                 E
wives and bring us broken lives and heartaches that never end.
  E             A                      D               E
 She's single again she's no woman's friend and she'd making her move
          D Db Open D      E                     A
She's got nothing to lose look out she's single again.

A                                                            D
Tell me is this number four or is this number five  Tell me how many
husbands has she buried alive  She uses the favors that the good Lord
                     A      E          
gave her with the devil's design.   
OOOh I know she's thinking she's on top of 
the world I've seen her working and I'm warning you girls 
she's single again
                                      D                  A
She's got a way with men but she'd better get away from mine.