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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  September 9, 1997  Realigned: Feb 7, 2003 Lyrics corrected Sept 25, 2014
Written by: 

        SUMMER NIGHTS     Marianne Faithfull

Intro    Cm        F        Cm        F

          Cm     F                Bb        G                      Cm      
Winter's almost gone Oh how I've waited so long ....... for summer nights.
Cm                    Eb         Cm        Bb
       When there's magic in the air and I don't have a care
           Eb      Cm      Bb                           G                      
All that matters to me is that you are here on summer nights.
C                 F     C                      F
There's a little cafe Where we can hear music play 
Bb                                Eb   Bb                       G
They keep the lights turned down low  It's a place where lovers go.
                Cm                F
And now you'll hold me tight and say
                Bb            G              Cm     Intro
Our love will always be this way on summer nights

       Eb         Cm         Bb                 
At the end of the day we can go down to the bay
      Eb             Cm            Bb                             G
And together hand in hand we will walk along the sand on summer nights.
C            F    C                     F
In a little cafe We'll dance the night away
Bb                        Eb   Bb                  G
And we know our love will be  always true eternal-ly
             Cm              F          Bb                G
And when the moon begins to shine I can see that you are mine
on summer nights   summer nights    summer nights