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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  March 11, 1998
Album: Every night's a Saturday night
Written by: Lee Roy Parnell\Bob McDill
Note: Thanks to Lluis Sala for the album and writer's info.

       A TENDER MOMENT    Lee Roy Parnell

G                                 D           G
You walk in and find there were tears in her eyes
G                       D      G
She couldn't tell you exactly why
G                               D                   G
There ain't nothing wrong but there ain't nothing right
G                                 D             G
Try to figure it out, boy you're wasting your time

C                   F
All it takes is a tender moment
C                   G
A loving word or a touch of your hand
C                     F
What she needs is a tender moment
G                     D          G
Let her know you'll alway be her man
G                                 D     G
That's the kind of thing a woman understands

G                                  D      G
It's a fast lane world that we're living in
G                       D        G
Sometimes love takes a little testing
G                            D           G
But it don't take much to straighten it out
G                              D        G
A little affection is all I'm talking about

chorus, lead,

Em             C                  G
Every day she needs to hear you love her so
Em                          C D
So take the time to let her know
     G                                 D       G
It ain't a brand new house It ain't a diamond ring
G                          D       G
Thick back accounts don't mean a thing
G                      D           G
Still gonna need what money can't buy
G                             D        G
Someone to hold her when she needs to cry