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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  July 9, 1999
Written by:
Note: Here is my rendition of this song but not up against the recording.
This song is from the movie Thunderoad that Robert Mitchum starred in.

      THUNDEROAD       Robert Mitchum

G                                            D
I can tell the story  - I can tell it all - about a mountain boy - who ran 
  C           D
illegal alco-hol
His daddy made the whiskey - his son who drove the load 
D                                            C               G
When his engine roared  - They called the highway - thunde-road.

Sometimes into Ashville - sometimes Memphis town 
        D                          C               D
The  revenuers chased him - but couldn't run him down
Each time they thought they had him - his engine would explode
     D                                    C               G
And he's go by like they were standing - still on thunde-road.

                 Am        C       D
And there was thunder - thunder - over thunderoad 
Am                              C                   G
Thunder was his engine - and whitelighting was his load 
                 Cm                   G
And there was moonshine - moonshine quench the devil's thirst
     Am                                       C            G
The law they swore they'd get him - but the devil got him first

G                                   D                                 C
On the first of April - 1954 - a federal man sent word - he'd better make his 
run no more.
He sent 200 agents - word covering the state
  D                                         C                G
Whichever road - he'd try to take - they'd get him sure as fate

Son his daddy told him - make this run your last
      D                                     C             D
The tank is filled with 100 proof - you're all tune up in gas
      G                                                       D
Now don't take any chances - if you can't get through - I'd rather had you 
back again
       C                 G
Then over that mountain dew


G                                                D                
Roaring out of Harlem - reving up his mill - he shot the gap at Cumberland 
       C                           G
And screamed by Mayardville - with G men on his tail light - road blocks up 
 D                                        C                G
The mountain boy took roads - that even angels feared to tread

Blazing through Knoxville - out on kingston straights
      D                                       C               D
Then right outside of Beardings -  there he  made the fatal strike  
G                                                           D
He left the road at 90 - that's all there is to say - The devil got the 
                     C               G
moonshine And the mountain boy that day

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