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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: September 24, 1997
Subject: Tijuana Jail by The Kingston Trio
Album:  Collectors Series
Written by: Denny Thompson

      TIJUANA JAIL     The Kingston Trio

G            C                  G
We went one day, about a month ago
                  D            G
To have a little fun, in Mexi-co
         C                   G
We ended up at the gambling spot
                   D                       G
Where the liquor flowed and the dice were hot

            C                   G
So here we are, in the Tijuana jail
               D                G
Ain't got no friends to go our bail
                 C                  G
And here we'll stay cause we can't pay
                D                    G
Just send our mail, to the Tijuana jail

                    C                     G
I was throwing the dice, racking in the dough   (long green)
             D                 G
And then I heard  the whistle blow
               C                 G
We started to run when a man in blue
                   D                    G    
Said "Senior come with me cause I want you."    go to chorus

                    C                         G
Just five hudnred dollars and they'll set us free
                     D                      G
I couldn't raise a penny if it threathened me
              C                       G          
I know five hundred don't sound like much    (cheap)
                  D                G
But just try to find somebody to touch    go to chorus, chorus