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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  September 9, 1997
Subject:  Don't Toss Us Away   by Patty Loveless
Written by:

                   DON'T TOSS US AWAY    PATTY LOVELESS

Intro E

E                       A                 B7
Well It seems that everyone we've known  Their love's grown cold will 
                     E                                   A
Will ours stand as stone?  One by one they break.  It's such a shame.
    B7                                   E
and now you say that you want to do the same.

                      A B7                 E                  A    B7
CHORUS  Don't toss us a-way so thoughtlessly  It just ain't right
                      E             A       B7             E
        Oh can't you see  I still love you  I want you to stay
                A   B7                 E
        Darling please, don't toss us away  
                        A  B7     no chord
      (ending  Darling please, don't toss us away.)

  E                     A                 B7
Well just think of all that we've been through  The world we're building
        E                                   A              B7
me and you   How could all those years be tossed away  In just one moment
in just one day.
                        A  B7                 E
CHROUS    Don't toss us away  It just ain't right  
                           A B7           E               A
          To let love just die without a fight  I still love you
           B7             E            A B7                  E
          I want you to stay  Darling please Don't toss us away

 E                A               B7                   E
So now I'm asking once again to understand to be my friend
                       A             B7                        E
Oh it hurt so bad to think you'd go Still the same I love you so.

             CHORUS 1 with ending.