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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: 6/16/97; 10:14:50 AM   Realigned: February 8, 2003
Written by:
Record is in the key of Dm 

      WAKE UP YESTERDAY   Clint Black  

Intro:  G F G G# G G G# F D <--not transposed to the new key

F#m                     Bm
All in just a moment my whole life passed before me 
	Bm                              F#m
In just that time it left me cold and numb
 F#m                                 Bm
Lying in the darkness like there's nowhere else to be 
Bm                                    F#m
Wondering if there's nothing more to come
  E                     Bm 
Curiosity compels me and I open up my eyes       
G                                   D
Like another day the night is gone again
F#m                        Bm
The natural conclusion I'm about to realize            
Bm                           F#m
This is the beginning or the end.

(F#m)       D           E           D           Bm
There's a light at the end of the tunnel I can see    
 D             C#              F#m
Now I'm not so sure that's the way
          D          E                    D              F#m
I still might find a way to change where I'll be bound tomorrow 
          D          C#               F#m
But I'm never gonna wake up yester - day.

F#m                           Bm                 
There's no uneasy feeling and no disbelieving 
Bm                                           F#m
This is something good, there's got to be a sign
F#m                              Bm
Back there in the darkness I see nothing I'd be leaving 
Bm                                   F#m
Why don't I look back on anything as mine.
       E                           Bm                       
Am I looking at tomorrow or is it back the other way 
G                                       D
Or is where I am where I'm supposed to be
F#m                         Bm                      
A voice of reassurance says it's just another day 
Bm                                            F#m
But the voice inside my head don't sound like me

  F#m               D           E            D           Bm
ENDING:  There's a light at the end of the tunnel I can see
 F#m      D           C#        F#m               D           C#          F#m
That I'm never gonna wake up yesterday   No, I'm never gonna wake up yesterday 
         D            C#          F#m
No, I'm never gonna wake up