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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  September 9, 1997  Realign: February 8, 2003
Album: The Forester Sisters
Written by: Terry Skinner/Ken Ball/J.L. Wallace

    THAT'S WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOU'RE IN LOVE      The Forester Sisters

          Eb                     Bb                      F                         Bb
Well the door's unlock and the light's still on and the cover's turned down on the bed 
        Eb                             Bb                  C                           Bb
And you don't have to say that you're sorry anymore cause honey I believe what you've said
             Eb                    Bb    
If there's anybody perfect well I haven't seen them yet 
           F                    Bb
And we've all got to learn to forgive and forget  
Eb                                 Bb             F                                 Bb
That's what you do when you're in love in a love that's what you do when you're in love.
      F                                Bb
1. Well he called me up to tell me he wasn't coming home 
          F                          Bb
     His guilt was to heavy and his pride was strong
       F                           Bb                     C                        F  
      He had a lot to drink and he did me wrong cause he didn't sleep along last night.
                                          Bb                  F                   
      Said the other one couldn't hold a light to me but she made him feel young, kind of
      wild and free
       F                      Bb                    C                        F
      He called home with his guilty plea 'cause he knew he hadn't done me right.
      Eb                         Bb                   C                   F  C  F
      He expected me to cry and hang up the phone but all my heart could say.

go to chorus:

    F                                 Bb         
2.  He said I'm some kind of woman to feel this way 
             F                          Bb
    'cause honey I expected there'd be hell to pay
            F                   Bb                    C                   F
     When a man gets lonely sometimes he'll play and last night I was a lonely man
     I  said I know you think that I'm being kind and sweet 
             F                Bb
     but loneliness can be a two way street
     F                              Bb                      C               F
     Many times I had to fight the urge to cheat I'm just saying that I understand
            Eb                            Bb              C                 F   C  F
     As he stood there thinking about the words I said I think he began to see

Chorus:   Chorus  with just drums   Chorus with music added to fade