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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  August 10, 1997
Subject: When He Leaves You   by Shania Twain
Written by:

     WHEN HE LEAVES YOU       Shania Twain
                   E                            A
I come here as a friend  Though I don't really know you
                            B                                 E
I know you're in love with him and he's made your world brand new
E                                                    A
I know you think he loves you and he may believe it too
                           B                                    E
Pour some coffee and I'll tell you what you'll soon be going through

E          A                                          E
When he leaves you   It's gonna more than break your heart
          B                                       E
When he leaves you   It's gonna tear your world apart
                                  A                                E
And you're gonna cry a million teardrops one for every shattered dream 
           B                               E
when he leaves you and comes back home to me.

                           E                                A
I've known him all these years  Honey this time's not the first time
                                B                                E
I've paid for loving him with tears and when it's over he'll be mine
E                             A      
I can see that I've upset you  Guess I'm a fool to try and help
When it comes to hearts and heartache 
You've got to find out for yourself

repeat chorus, 
           B                               E
when he leaves you and comes back home to me.