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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  September 9, 1997  Realigned: February 8, 2003
Subject: Whiskey, If You Were A Woman by Highway 101
Album:  Highway 101
Written by: Mary W. Francis\Johnny MacRae\Bob Morrison

      WHISKEY, IF YOU WERE A WOMAN       Highway 101 

D                   G                    A
He's told me    a million times   he's sorry
D                  G                A
I always take him back tho' soon I know
        D                  Bm                G
He'll spend the night with you and leave me crying
Em                                        A
You don't love him  but you won't let him go.

      D      G                  D       G  
Oh, whiskey     If you were a woman 
     D            Bm                D      A
I'd fight and I'd win Lord knows I wou-ou-ould.
       D      G                   D     Bm      
Oh, whiskey         If you were a wo-om-man 
      G                   A              D
I'd drive you from his tangled mind for good.

Short lead    D G D G D A D  (chords)

D                    G               A
No matter what you'd do I'll do it better
 D                  G            A
You'd never be the woman I could be
 D                    Bm             G
But you don't have no heart or any feelings
Em                           A
So I can't even ask for sym-pathy.