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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  September 9, 1997  Realigned"february 7, 2003
Subject: I Keep Working My Way Back To You by Four Seasons
Written by: 
Note:  I taped it from the radio

    I KEEP WORKING MY WAY BACK TO YOU     The Four Seasons

Am        F                    G                C      Em    Am
I keep working my way back to you babe with a burning love inside     (yeah)
          F                    G               C        Em     Am
I keep working my way back to you babe and a happiness that    I 
               G     F  G  F  G      F             G     F      G                                   G  F  G
I let it get away             (It's raining every day)

     G          D               C                       D
1.  You were so in love with me    I played around like I was free 
       G                              D           
    Thought I could have my cake and eat it too   
     C                  D                  Am
    How I cryed over losing you.  See I'm down and out  
        Cm                   G                     A7
     I don't want to go on living  my life without you 
           G    C     G        C         G      C      Dm    Am
     Hey every-day I made you cry  I'll make it up til day I die.

        G                  D            C                     D
2.   Oh I used to love to make you cry  It made me feel real big inside
       G                            D     C                  D    
      If  I  had been as big in re-ality you'd be here baby loving me
              Am                 Cm               G
      Now my nights are long and only if I could let  you know 
      I just miss you so 
             G          C        G              C  
      Love you're too proud and you won't give in
            G      C      Dm
      But when I think of all I could win.

  F          G
(ooooh  you babe)  I'm kind of  alone
  F          G                                      
(Ooooh  you babe)  I just gotta get back home  (you babe)  Awwwwwww
              G                                    F
I'm really sorry for acting that way  I'm really sorry  oooh  little babe
             G                            F          G
I'm really sorry for telling you lies so long,  Oh please.
     Am             F                 C                      Am             F
For-give me babe  come on (give me a chance)  won't you for-give me love Hey
  C                      Am                F         C              Am          F C      
(say you could)  Oh for-give me love  (shall we try again)   Oh for-give me love  
           Cm                                   G
I want you over and over and over  and over a-gain.
                                   Dm                  G 
CHORUS    change key    I keep (working my way back to you babe)    Aaaahhhh
                               F      Am    Dm
                      With a burning love inside